Powered Paraglider Engines

Our engines are conceived specifically to respond to the needs of the PPG flights.

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The R90

The R125

The Airmax 220cc

The R90 The R125 The Airmax 220cc

The specificities of the paramotor flight are such that it is difficult to find an existing engine responding to all the requirements of our sport. Indeed, a good Paramotor engine must ideally be light, robust, small, powerful and quiet, clean for the environment, resistant to the vibrations, aesthetic, easy to start in the field and respectful of the wing it drives.

For this reason, event when modified, traditional engines found on the market, do not meet all these pre-requirements. It was easier for us to start from scratch and to develop our own paramotor engine range. We therefore control all the steps form design to production, insuring quicker innovation, a clear line of responsibility and good quality control.

Today, HE Paramotores offers the most complete range of paramotor engines on the market. The R90NG, R125NG and Airmax 220 M have been conceived to offer the right solution to all the pilots willing to experience the Paramotor adventure. We have an engine that will match your power requirements for foot launch and also light trike take-offs.

Our engines are sold throughout the world. Numerous Paramotor manufacturers and schools have chosen the "R" range to equip their machines. All our experience is concentrated in the "R" range which does not cease to surprise us such the synergies are exceptional.

Despite the success of our current engines, we do not intent to rest "on our laurels": to stay ahead and to offer always the best solutions to our leisure/sport, research and development is the priority at HE Paramotores.

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