The Airmax 220

With thrusts ranging from 74 to 78 kilos (with a 125cm wooden propeller at 600 meters above sea level), the Airmax 220 is an ideal engine for pilots weighing above 100 kilos. You can also use it for foot launched tandem flights or on a small trike.

  • R220 Duo
  • R220 Duo

The Airmax 220 is offered with various options:

  • The Airmax Light – Under 14 kilos, it is at the same time light and powerful. Photo. The Airmax Light has been designed for foot launch take offs for pilots weighing a 100 kilos or more.
  • The Airmax Forced Cooling – for an intensive use, the forced cooling guaranties a stable power out put of you engine in all weather conditions. Photo. The Airmax Forced Cooling is ideal to equip your light single or tandem seater trikes.
  • The Airmax Forced Cooling with E Start – the electric start system with a Lipo battery enables you to make more then 40 engine starts. The battery is provided with its charger.
  • The Airmax Dual Start – with the Dual start you’ll never stay on the ground, the double start system offers an additional security
  • The Airmax Comfort with “Smart Start” – with the easy pull start system, the Airmax Comfort has a mechanical reduction drive with clutch. The “Smart Start” standard on the Comfort version of the Airmax, comes as an option in all the other versions.

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Technical characteristics
Displacement cm3 210
Compression ratio cm3 10/1
Max. Power HP 29
kW 21.62
R.P.M. 8.000
Engine’s weight with exhaust and air filter. Airmax Light 13.8 Kg.
Airmax FC M Start 14.5 Kg.
Airmax FC E Start 15 Kg.
Airmax FC Dual Start 15.5 Kg.
Airmax Confort con Smart Start 16.5 Kg.
Laminar intake with a Walbro WB 37-1 carburettor
Aluminium cylinder with Nikasil ceramic coating
Poly–V belt driven reduction. Reduction 1/ 2.58 or 1/3.6 mechanical reduction drive with clutch
Start systems: Manual pull start, « Smart Start » in option, Electrical or « DUAL » start.
In flight consumption with at 65000 R.P.M. (level flight), 5 litres/hour
Lubrication mixture of 2.5% two stroke oil with 95 unleaded petrol and 3% during running in phase

Static Thrust
Airmax 220 engine
Reduction 1/ 2.58 Poly–V belt driven
Twin blade wooden propeller of 125cm
R.P.M. Cons. per 1/hr Thrust in Kg. (*)
8000 and more 6.8 78 to 81 Kg.
7000 5.5 56
6000 4.5 45
4000 3.5 32

(*) depending on propeller size, material, shape and on meteorological conditions, altitude.

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