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HE Paramotores trikes and tandem systems

Fly differently and share your sensations with our tandem solutions.

The Light trike

For single or tandem flights, the light trike of HE Paramotores is easy to assemble, to handle and to carry. With its strong structure, the Light trike will give you the complete freedom to fly differently.

We manufacture this three wheeler kart on which you can easily and securely slide in and out your Paramotor. With the light trike, you get ride of the running phase at take off and remain comfortably seated during all the flight. The optional tandem kit is easy to mount and will give you the opportunity to share your experiences with your friends.

The Light trike is entirely built in Stainless steel and welded using the TIG method to give better strength whilst keeping the structure as light as possible to permit easy take offs with a tandem Paramotor unit.

Without the need of tools, the Light trike is quickly assembled with push-pins and other quick fastener systems. Likewise, dismantling your light trike is easy and the various parts will easily be stowed in the Cordura container bag provided.

The framework has been studied to give you maximum steadiness on the ground even on irregular surfaces. Due to the profile of the Light trike, the wind sheer is kept to a minimum and the unit can be steered like a conventional paramotor.

Compared with other microlight aircrafts, the take off phase will only require a short run way. But due to the specificities of this activity, we must advise to all pilots considering flying with a trike to seek instruction.

  • Dimensions (folded) : 100 x 50 x 50 cm
  • Weight (single seater) : 14,8 kg

Tandem kit...

Mounting procedure of the tandem kit (passenger seat and foot bar) using the quick lock in position system.

The tandem kit includes: the passenger’s harness, seat, foot bar and spreader webbing. It also includes the quick release carabineers.

Weight of the light trike with the tandem kit: 17, 2 kg.

Click on the following link to download our user manual: PDF

The tandem kit for foot launch take-offs

The system we have developed for foot launched tandem flying is both simple and secure. Particularly conceived with the R220 paramotor in mind, this system simplifies foot launched tandem take offs and landings for the following reasons :

  • Enables the passenger to hold and push the spreader bar during the take-off phase and consequently help the wing to rise above the unit.
  • Enables the pilot to control and guide the passenger in the right direction during the running phase.
  • The passenger will be leaded to run straight and progressively by the push of the engine and the pilot and also by the pull of the spreader bar.
  • The passenger takes-off before the pilot, enabling him to be seated before the pilot. The pilot is then free to make the last manoeuvres before complete take-off of the unit.
  • The system gets ride of the dangerous take-offs where the passenger was running in one direction and the pilot in another.
  • Possibility to adjust the balance between the paramotor, the pilot and the passenger. With previous systems heavier passengers tended to hang in front of the pilot whilst lighter passengers tended to obstruct the view of the pilot by hanging above. With our tandem kit system, this is now easy to adjust by displacing the gravity point of the unit along the three attachment points offered until the ideal position is found.

This system includes:

  • The spreader bar system.
  • The passengers harness (optional).
  • The tandem webbing with three hang point positions.
  • Helmet with intercommunication system (optional).

Click on the following link to download our user manual: PDF

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